Students must have obtained 1.5 (C-) or better in the cumulative grade average (CGA) to be eligible to apply.



Minor Program Course* Course Credit/Level
Minor in Humanities Any course from the HUMA Course List
Minor in Social Science Any course from the SOSC Course List 18 credits (6 courses)
Minor in China Studies From the China Studies Course List, at least 2 HUMA & 2 SOSC courses
Minor in Liberal Studies From the Liberal Studies Course List, at least 2 HUMA & 2 SOSC courses

* Area of Concentration NOT required for each Minor Program



Academic Year Enrollment
Year 1 : Not applicable
Year 2 : Can enroll anytime after the first semester
Year 3 : Can enroll anytime throughout the year
Year 4 : DEADLINE – Last day of the Add/Drop period of undergraduate courses in
the first semester of the final year of study


Enrollment Schedule in 2021 – 2022 Academic Year

Effective Semester / Session Enrollment Period
Fall 2021-2022 15 August 2021 – 14 September 2021
Spring 2021-2022 15 September 2021 – 17 February 2022
Summer 2021-2022 18 February 2022 – 18 August 2022

The above schedule also applies to the withdrawal from the Minor Program.


Application Procedures

  1. Students complete the Declaration of Undergraduate Minor Program and pass the Form to their major department for approval. The Form can be downloaded from the website of the Academic Records and Registration, Academic Registry (ARRO).
  2. Students submit the approved Form to the Program Service and Advising Office (room 3399) together with supporting documents showing the latest CGA (e.g. information like unofficial academic transcript obtained from Student Information Enquiry on Administrative Intranet for Students) for internal reference.
  3. The Minor Program Coordinator of SHSS checks students’ eligibility to enroll in the Minor Program and sends the Form to the UG Program Coordinator of the School or Division concerned for endorsement.
  4. Students will receive a confirmation letter from ARRO if the application is approved.