In terms of the HKUST Global China Studies major, Global China Studies has two operational meanings. At the broadest, most common-sense level, it simply means China Studies from a global comparative perspective. At the narrower disciplinary and curricular levels, however, Global China Studies refers to the identification and study of global development and its interactions with local development in a Chinese context.

It is the decision of the University Senate that a BSc degree is appropriate for the program Global China Studies: Humanities and Social Science Perspective in the context of the founding mission of the university. Academically speaking, a BSc degree also reflects the balanced curriculum of Global China Studies, which provides not only a broad-based liberal arts education but also training in quantitative and scientific methodologies.

Yes. A student may make use of the free elective credits, as well as the thesis/project option, to develop a specialization in one or two disciplines or fields within the major, which will facilitate his or her pursuit of postgraduate study. The program’s intensive advising and mentoring system will help students work out the study paths suitable for their intellectual and professional needs.

Once admitted to the program, each student is assigned to one faculty member who will serve as his or her mentor during the first year of study. Students may meet with their faculty mentors for intellectual guidance, personal inspiration and career development advice. On top of this, the Program Director will provide program-specific advice to students on a regular basis from the time of admission to graduation. For general assistance, students may contact our staff in charge of the GCS major.

Our curriculum has ample built-in free elective credits for students to pursue a minor or even second major in other programs, provided that such programs are offered by other schools or departments.

We look at students’ academic results generally, with a greater emphasis on English. For DSE, we consider English + any 5 Core/ Elective subjects, and give double weight to English, 1.5 weight to Chinese. Students must meet the threshold of university entrance requirements to be eligible. Students who put our program in Band A will be given a bonus point. We suggest students put us in Band A throughout if they are truly interested in us. (*Admissions information is subject to change.)

No, our program requires no prior knowledge of humanities or social science subjects. Admission is based on students’ general intellectual competence and their commitment to this program.

The local intake number is around 48 every year, in addition to the non-local intake, which is about 20% of the total intake.

Yes, they may apply to either exam via JUPAS (based on their scores on the A-Level exam or the DSE exam) or via Direct Entry but NOT both. There is no fixed quota for Direct Entry into our program – much depends on the academic quality of the applicants but the quota is relatively small.

Man Yan NG
Hulu Culture Ltd., Hong Kong
(Class of 2023)

SHSS Internship Program allows students to intern at different fields to plan their career paths and get ready for the workplace environment before graduation. […see more]
Hiuda LEE
York University, Canada
(Class of 2017)

I took a total number of three courses in York University. […see more]
Yui Tung NG
Seoul National University, South Korea
(Class of 2019)

If you study in Korea in the Fall semester, you cannot avoid the challenging winter. It may be really difficult for ordinary Hong Kong people to adapt to the cold and dry climate. […see more]
Ricky PUN
Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands
(Class of 2017)

The life in Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR) is fast-paced and hustle, but being an exchange student is never an excuse for me to slower my steps. […see more]
Darren YIP
Kyoto University, Japan
(Class of 2017)

The exchange life in Japan was valuable and unforgettable. […see more]
Yan Wing Kristy HO
International Diplomacy Forum, Thailand
(Supported by SC LIU Sponsorship)

(Class of 2022)

It was my great pleasure to be a part of the Forum, where I got to understand and learn about different ideas and ideals. […see more]
Alexis YIP
Stephen Cheong Kam-chuen Medal Award 2018-2019 Awardee
(Class of 2020)

Miss Yip is the co-founder of Rainbow Bird, the very first LGBTQ+ support group ever established at HKUST to discuss LGBTQ-related issues and provide peer emotional and social support to HKUST community members who are concerned about their sexual and gender identity. […see more]
Sciences Po, France
(Class of 2020)

Studying abroad can be a very challenging thing. […see more]
Jamie TSE
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
(Class of 2017)

Being an exchange student in the University of Copenhagen is surely one of my most memorable experiences in my university life. […see more]
Wenhao JIANG
Waseda University, Japan
(Class of 2020)

While the GCS program in SHSS offers me broad empirical knowledge in social sciences, the Economics program in Waseda University equips me with solid quantitative methods that I can apply to conduct empirical research. […see more]
Yuen Ching CHAN
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
(Class of 2020)

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to study in a foreign country and I have created so many unforgettable memories in Taiwan. […see more]
Shirley WONG
Fudan University, China
(Class of 2021)

The courses I took in Fudan not only broadened my horizon in journalism, but also in the Chinese political system. […see more]
Weiye DENG
Waseda University, Japan
(Class of 2020)

At Waseda, I received substantive training in fundamental and intermediate economic theories, econometrics, and data analysis skills with programming software such as R and Python, which complements my qualitative training in social sciences at SHSS. […see more]
Ka Ki Kelly CHEUNG
District Office of New York State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky, US
(Class of 2019)

The most impressive part of my internship experience was assisting in the operation of a free informational workshop that offered confidential legal advice for immigrants. […see more]
New York State Assembly, US
(Class of 2020)

I worked as an intern for the district office of New York State Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal in the summer and was responsible for communicating with constituents and participating in community outreach projects. […see more]
Joey NG
Sciences Po, Paris, France
(Class of 2017)

Sciences Po is one of the best universities in France which is famous for the field of political sciences. […see more]
The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., USA
(Class of 2017)

One of the biggest differences between HKUST and CUA in terms of courses are the varieties. […see more]
Conway WONG
Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Singapore
(Class of 2018)

It was a pleasure for me to work in the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Singapore. […see more]
Cheron KWOK
IE University, Spain
(Class of 2020)

Recalling my memory in Spain, I would say it is a lifetime experience. People, scenery, food, festivals, party, rituals and architecture are the elements joining together and forming my impressive exchange experience. […see more]
Tin Yiu MAK
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
(Class of 2019)

During my exchange study at Erasmus, what impressed me the most is the attitude of teachers and students towards presentations. […see more]
University of New South Wales, Australia
(Class of 2020)

Sydney, often misunderstood as the capital city of Australia, is a fantastic place to start the journey, with the UNSW being a fantastic example of the cultural diversity characteristic of the city. […see more]
Xinming LI
The Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan University Students Network Information Enterprise Internship Program
(Supported by SC LIU Sponsorship)

(Class of 2021)

Although this internship was a bit short, it benefited me a lot. […see more]
Tony NG
Jagiellonian University, Poland
(Class of 2018)

Krakow is an old city but full of energy. […see more]
Tsz Ting KWOK
York University, Canada
(Class of 2019)

During the first week of exchange, I was not brave enough to chat with my roommate. […see more]
Peking University, China
(Class of 2017)

Having an exchange study at Peking University is definitely a life-changing experience. […see more]
Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) in Melbourne, Australia
(Supported by SC LIU Sponsorship)

(Class of 2019)

My learning trip at the IPA has been an immensely rewarding one. […see more]
Sze Man IP
Inter Cultural Education Ltd., Hong Kong
(Class of 2021)

It was a very precious opportunity for me to explore more about the social enterprise in Hong Kong and reflect on my own cultural experiences. […see more]
Bosco TONG
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
(Class of 2021)

Before going to an exchange, I was worried about cultural shock and isolation as I would live in a completely different place. […see more]