It feels great to be a member of MGCS family, and I am glad to share my experience in this program and HKUST.
1. What I learnt most in this program is that all the courses trained us a lot in keeping a wide-open mind to not just academic research, but other things in life.
2. TO MGCSers: After graduating from this program and moving on, you will always recall thousands of memory pieces in THE LIBRARY, and you will miss it a lot, so don’t complain the never-die assignments.
3. I have been a financial consultant since graduated from MGCS. The research experience benefits me to be a financial professional.

CHEN Tianzhu, Vincent (AIA, Hong Kong)

The year I spend at HKUST is definitely the most regretless year in the past of my life. I’m currently Ph.D. student majoring in Economics at USC. Personally, MGCS is like a ladder assisting me reach my goal. With broadness of course topics, you are not only able to intensively equip yourself with important knowledge, but also get a chance to find where your true passion is. With distinctive professors who care about improvement of students sincerely, you can see a rapid upgrade of ability in fields you put effort in. With high reputation of both the university and the department, you will find you are exposed to a new world full of opportunities. My suggestion is: fully utilize resources that MGCS brings to you, and finally you will make an achievement even beyond your best expectation.

DENG Weiran (PhD, Economics, University of Southern California)

Being an economic-majored student, my goal for applying for the MGCS was to develop broader knowledge in social science. Not only to improve my knowledge in economics, but also to go through a fine training in sociology, humanity, and history fields. At the MGCS program, I have learned more than I have expected, including gains in comparative studies and quantitative methodologies. The program has great resources, knowledgeable teachers, impeccable courses, and the most important: outstanding classmates.
The training at the MGCS program allows me to observe social issues from more extensive perspectives with appropriate research methodology. Academically it is not easy there, but through idea exchanging and sharing between students, learning could be efficient and fulfilling. Moreover, the teachers are very caring for the students and are willing to guide them. The MGCS program provides not only substantial lectures, but also good networks for internship opportunity in Hong Kong. The diversified class choices will allow you to match your school schedule in accordance to the working hours.
Here, I would like to thank Professor James Lee, and all the faculties at the program. For perspective students, I would like to say: treasure this opportunity-filled, knowledgeable, and adventurous year. It is worth it.

HUANG Wen (Product Manager at a Telecom Company, Taiwan)

Studying in the program of MGCS, I have acquired a new perspective to view the history, law, politics, and society of China in the global context, and received rigorous quantitative research methods training, which lays a solid foundation for my PhD studies in sociology. Professors and staff in MGCS are really nice people, and are always ready to offer help. The experience of MGCS: illuminating and challenging coursework, sincere friendship with classmates, and excellent professors and friendly staff, is a really unforgettable one in my life.

WANG Yapeng (PhD, Sociology, University of Virginia)

Professors in UST are so great that speaking with them would provide a lot of meaningful inspirations to you. Working under their supervisions really benefited a lot no matter whether choosing an academic track or not. For example, though Professor Kellee Tsai is very demanding, her serious and cautious attitude towards her research would build up a great example for you to try to follow.

WANG Qingyan (PhD, Political Science, University of Georgia)

This program really broadened my horizons in China as well as in Asia. It helped me to understand and critically analyze the recent developments in China from various individual but interlinked angles locally and globally. Although the subjects were pretty new to me as compared with that of my first degree and the expectations from professors were with high quality and not easy to follow, but it was worthy as the experiences tied in with my present job requirements. I do recommend the program to those who would like to expend their career towards this direction but have to be prepared on this challenging but fruitful experience.

XU Wenyan, Kevin (UBS, Hong Kong)