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Professor Tik sang LIU was interviewed in TVB program 探古尋源 第158集 - 天后廟

Professor Tik-sang LIU was interviewed in TVB program, 探古尋源 第158集 – 天后廟. source:

Professor Tik-sang LIU was interviewed in an RTHK TV program 鏗鏘集- 麒麟沉睡了

Professor Tik-sang LIU was interviewed in an RTHK TV program, 鏗鏘集,麒麟沉睡了, which was broadcasted on May 10, 2021. 麒麟被視為仁獸,在節慶、廟會、新屋動土入伙的場合,麒麟舞動,相信可以驅除煞氣和帶來好運。可是,自從疫情來襲,這些民間活動便大大減少。 香港甚少全職的麒麟隊伍,他們大部份都是以武術訓練場地的形式來進行練習和運作,但是疫情之下,隨著「出棚」機會大減,很多武館也停止了聚會。如此一來,營運的經費也受到影響。在這個收入大減的艱難時刻,武館如何維持經費?這種傳統文化又如何保育呢?另外,練習大幅減少,會否令習舞者技藝生疏,繼而熱誠減退。師徒之間以至同門師兄弟之間又如何維繫感情呢?

Talk: The Development of Arts and Culture in Hong Kong

Being one of the major cultural hubs that brings together arts and culture from all around the world, the West Kowloon Cultural District, with its continuous development, vows to bring even more vibrancy and diversity to Hong Kong’s local art scenes and cultural development by offering world-class facilities and space where arts and people are brought to each other. We are honoured to have the Hon. Henry TANG, Chairman of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Board, to share with our community how the development of arts and culture of Hong Kong will further be invigorated by the West Kowloon Cultural District, one of the world’s largest cultural projects. *This event is limited to staff and students of HKUST.