Course Code Course Name
HMMA 5001 Fundamentals of Chinese Culture
HMMA 5002 Chinese Phonetics and Phonology
HMMA 5003 Chinese Literary History
HMMA 5005 Modern Chinese History
HMMA 5006 Anthropological Studies of China
HMMA 5007 Fundamentals of Chinese Philosophy
HMMA 5008 Languages of China: Anthropological and Cognitive Dimensions
HMMA 6200 Independent Study
HUMA 5160 Chinese Phonetics and Phonology
HUMA 5230 Languages of China: Anthropological and Cognitive Dimensions
HUMA 5300 Chinese Literary History
HUMA 5700 Anthropological Studies of China
HUMA 5800 Fundamentals of Chinese Philosophy
LANG 5072 English Academic Writing on Chinese Culture


Course Code Course Name
MGCS 5001 A New History for a New China, 1700-2000: Advanced
MGCS 5002 The Economy and Society in Imperial China
MGCS 5003 The Political Economy of State-formation
MGCS 5004 Economic History of East Asia–From Tributary Trade to Maritime Customs Networks
MGCS 5005 Narratives on China’s Legal Past and Present
MGCS 5010 Quantitative Methods in Social Science
MGCS 5011 Quantitative Studies of China
MGCS 5012 Quantitative Data Analysis
MGCS 5020 Chinese Social Stratification in Comparative Perspective
MGCS 5021 Reform and Social Conflicts in Contemporary China
MGCS 5022 Political Economy of China
MGCS 5023 China’s Innovation System: Domestic and International Dimensions
MGCS 5030 Social Theory and World History
MGCS 5031 An Introduction to Socio-cultural History of China
MGCS 5032 Ethnicity in Chinese Context
MGCS 6000 Special Topic (subject to approval)
MGCS 6980 Research Project in Global China Studies


Course Code Course Name
MILE 5001 Second Language Acquisition
MILE 5002 Language Teaching Methodology and Curriculum Design
MILE 5003 Foundations of Technology-enhanced Language Education
MILE 5101 Discourse Analysis
MILE 5103 Testing and Assessment
MILE 5105 Cross-Cultural Pragmatics
MILE 5106 Contrastive Analysis between Chinese and English
MILE 5201 World Englishes
MILE 5202 Teaching Second Language Vocabulary
MILE 5203 Phonetics and Phonology for English Teachers
MILE 5205 Grammar for English Teachers
MILE 5206 Teaching English for Academic Purposes
MILE 5207 Teaching English for Specific Purposes
MILE 5301 Chinese Writing System
MILE 5302 Mandarin Chinese Grammar for L2 Chinese Teachers
MILE 5303 Phonetics and Phonology of the Chinese Language
MILE 5304 Chinese Lexicology
MILE 5305 Word Structure of Chinese: A Comparative Perspective
MILE 5306 Understanding Chinese Language in Global Context
MILE 6000 Supervised Teaching Practicum
MILE 6980 Research Project in International Language Education


Course Code Course Name
MASS 5010 Research Methods in Social Science
MASS 5020 Social Statistics I
MASS 5030 Social Stratification and Mobility
MASS 5040 Understanding Human Behavior
MASS 5050 Economic Transformations in Post-Mao China
MASS 5060 Political Changes and Political Participation
MASS 5090 Understanding Personality
MASS 5110 Social Statistics II
MASS 5170 Economic Change in Rural China
MASS 5180 Migration and Globalization
MASS 5200 Comparative Politics
MASS 5210 Economic Development
MASS 5220 Environment and Human Behavior
MASS 5230 Chinese Politics