Errata from Fate and Fortune

Our book Fate and Fortune in Rural China: Social Organization and Population Behavior in Liaoning 1774-1873 appeared nearly twenty years ago. For some time, we have meant to collect and put in one place the errata that have been discovered over the years. There aren’t that many, thankfully, but it’s nice to list them all in one place. There are definitely more than are listed here, but so far, I haven’t been able to find them all in my notes. I’ll keep looking, and adding corrections as I find them. If you spot any typos in Fate and Fortune, let me know!

Page 6

In footnote 6, ‘cannabalized’ should be ‘cannibalized’. Reported by Graham Murray Campbell, April 1997.

Page 175

The title of Table 8.10 should be “Transitions in Banner occupation and organizational status for adult males, 1774-1873.” Reported by Xiangyun Wang, January 2014.

Page 263

The following, referred to in footnote 44, is missing from the references:

Pitkänen, Kari J. and James H. Mielke. 1993. “Age and sex differentials in mortality during two nineteenth century population crises.” European Journal of Population. 9:1-32.

Reported by Wang Xiangyun, February 2014.