New photos from Pentland Hills, Edinburgh

I was recently in Edinburgh. On one day that I had free, we went for a hike in the beautiful Pentland Hills. We walked from Currie to Swanston. After entering from Currie, we dog-legged to the Harlaw House Visitor Centre, where we had a nice cup of tea at the Vanilla Pod Cafe. We would have had more to eat and drink but both of us had forgotten to bring additional money.

We followed the trail to Maiden’s Cleugh, passing between Harbour Hill and Bell’ls Hill, and then turned left to follow the trail towards Phantom’s Cleugh. We passed between Harbour Hill and Capelaw Hill, passed along Bonaly Hill, circled around Capelaw Hill, and then down Howden Burn.

The full gallery of my Pentland Hills photos from Currie to Swanston is here.

Here are some samples:

Open fields in the Pentlands.