Pictures from Lukang, Taiwan (台湾鹿港照片)

Recently we were in Taiwan. We took a day trip to Lukang (鹿港), which is a historic town near Taichung. Lukang has some very nice old temples, most notably their Mazu Temple (天后宫) and Longshan Temple (龙山寺). There is also an old street which has some interesting old residences built in traditional Taiwanese style.

I divided the photos I uploaded into three galleries.

The first consists of pictures from the Mazu Temple. Here is a sample:

The second gallery consists of photos from Longshan Temple (龙山寺). Here is a sample:

The third gallery consists of pictures from other places in Lukang, including the old street (老街), the 9-turns alley (九曲巷), and some other locations.

A bicycle parked in front of a decorated doorway of a building in traditional style in Lukang