Resources related to Social Science Research Design and Methods

For my social research design and methods classes, I have started collecting links to articles related to broad issues in social science research.  Some of these are actual studies, while some are opinion pieces, discussions, explications, or long-winded rants. I add material as I come across it, somewhat haphazardly.

I welcome suggestions for additional material.


  • Monkey’s Uncle – Jame Holland Jones’ blog, focused on epidemiology, population, and human ecology, with a dash of anthropology, and general commentary on social science research.
  • Scatterplot – a sociology blog, with a variety of contributors
  • Understanding Society – Daniel Little’s blog on social science, with an emphasis on social science methodology from a philosophy of science perspective.
  • Family Inequality – Philip Cohen’s blog, with a focus on sociology, especially family and inequality.
  • Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science – Andrew Gelman’s blog.  The name pretty much says it all. Lots of interesting commentary on methodological controversies in social science.
  • OrgTheory – a sociology blog, again with a variety of contributors.

Experimental designs in social science

Evolutionary biology

Research Funding

General discussions

Big Data

  • Paper by Xiao-li Meng at Harvard on trade-offs between the amount of data and its quality and representativeness. More data isn’t better if the quality is poor or the sample is unrepresentative.

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I seek to provide links only to sites that do not require registration to view questionnaires. For the most part I have sought to provide examples of questionnaires for longitudinal studies.


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Controversial Studies

Responsible Conduct of Research

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