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Positions (SELECTED)

Professor, Division of Social Science, HKUST, 7/2013-.

Acting Head, Division of Social Science, HKUST, 7/2018-6/2019.

Associate Dean for Research and Postgraduate Training, School of Humanities and Social Science, HKUST, 9/2013-6/2018.

Assistant Professor to Professor, Department of Sociology, UCLA, 7/1996-6/2015.


Changjiang Scholar (長江學者講座教授), Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, 2016. Nominated by School of History and Culture 歷史文化學院, Central China Normal University 華中師範大學.

American Sociological Association Section on Asia and Asian America, Award for Outstanding Book on Asia for Life Under Pressure: Mortality and Living Standards in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900, 2005.

John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellow, 2004-5


B.S. Engineering and Applied Science, B.S. History, California Institute of Technology, 1989.

M.A. in Demography, University of Pennsylvania, 1991

Ph.D. in Demography and Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, 1995 (Defended 12/22/94).  Dissertation title: Chinese mortality transitions: The case of Beijing, 1644-1990.  Committee Chair: Samuel Preston.


梁晨 (LIANG Chen), 张浩 (ZHANG Hao), 李兰 (LI Lan), 阮丹青 (RUAN Danching), 康文林 (Cameron CAMPBELL), 李中清 (James Z. Lee). 2013. 无声的革命:北京大学,苏州大学学生社会来源研究, 1949-2002 (Silent Revolution: Social Origins of Peking University and Suzhou University Students, 1949-2002). 三联书店 (Beijing: Sanlian Books)

Bengtsson, Tommy, Cameron Campbell, James Lee, et al. 2004. Life Under Pressure: Mortality and Living Standards in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900. MIT Press. Published in Chinese as 托米·本特森,康文林,李中清等. 2008. 压力下的生活:1700~1900年欧洲与亚洲的死亡率和生活水平. 北京: 社会科学文献出版社. Translated by 李霞 and 李恭忠.

定宜庄(Ding Yizhuang), 郭松义(Guo Songyi), 李中清(James Lee), and 康文林(Cameron Campbell). 2004. 辽东移民中的旗人社会 (Banner Society and the Settlement of Eastern Liaodong). Shanghai: Shanghai shehui kexue chubanshe.

Lee, James and Cameron Campbell. 1997. Fate and Fortune in Rural China: Social Organization and Population Behavior in Liaoning, 1774-1873. Cambridge University Press.

publications in the last five years (SELECTED)

陈必佳 (Bijia CHEN),康文林 (Cameron Campbell), 李中清 (James Z. Lee). 2018. 清末新政前后旗人与宗室官员的官职变化初探——以《缙绅录》数据库为材料的分析(The Transition of Banner and Imperial Lineage Officials During the Late Qing Reform Period: Evidence from the Qing Jinshenlu Database). 清史研究 (Studies in Qing History) (4):10-20.

Zang, Emma., Cameron Campbell 2018. Males’ Later-Life Mortality Consequences of Coresidence With Paternal Grandparents: Evidence From Northeast China, 1789-1909. Demography. 55(2):435-57. PDF.

Chen Bijia, Cameron Campbell and Hao Dong. 2018. Interethnic marriage in Northeast China, 1866–1913. Demographic Research. 38(34):929-966.

Campbell, Cameron and Satomi Kurosu. 2018. Asian Historical Demography. Chapter 4 in Zhao Zhongwei and Adrian Hayes, eds. Handbook of Asian Demography. Routledge. 45-63.

Song Xi and Cameron D. Campbell. 2017. Genealogical Microdata and Their Significance for Social Science. Annual Review of Sociology. 43:75-99.

Elliott, Mark C., Cameron Campbell, and James Lee. 2016. A Demographic Estimate of the Population of the Qing Banners. Études chinoises. XXXV-1: 9-40.

任玉雪 (Yuxue REN), 陈必佳 (Bijia CHEN), 郝小雯 (Xiaowen Hao), 康文林 (Cameron Campbell), 李中清 (James Z. Lee). 2016. 清代缙绅录量化数据库与官僚群体研究 清史研究 (The Qing Jinshenlu Database: A New Source for the Study of Qing Officials) 清史研究 (Qing History Research). 2016年11月第四期:61-77.

DONG Hao, Cameron Campbell, Satomi Kurosu, and James Z. Lee. 2015. Household context and individual departure: The case of escape in three ‘unfree’ East Asian populations, 1700-1900. Chinese Journal of Sociology. 1:513-539.

Hao Dong, Cameron Campbell, Satomi Kurosu, Wenshan Yang, and James Z. Lee. 2015. New Sources for Comparative Social Science: Historical Population Panel Data from East Asia. Demography. 52(3): 1061-1088

SONG Xi, Cameron Campbell, and James Z. Lee. 2015. Ancestry Matters: Patrilineage Growth and Extinction. American Sociological Review. 80(3):574–602

publications beyond the last five years (SELECTED)

梁晨 (LIANG Chen), 张浩 (ZHANG Hao), 李兰 (LI Lan), 阮丹青 (RUAN Danching), 康文林 (Cameron Campbell), 杨善华 (YANG Shanhua), 李中清 (James Lee). 2012. 无声的革命:北京大学与苏州大学学生社会来源研究 (1952-2002) (Silent Revolution: Research on the Social Origins of Students at Peking University and Suzhou University, 1952-2002). 中国社会科学 (Chinese Social Science). 2012(1):98-118

Campbell, Cameron and James Z. Lee. 2011. Kinship and the Long-Term Persistence of Inequality in Liaoning, China, 1749-2005. Chinese Sociological Review. 44(1):71-104. PMCID: PMC23596557

Campbell, Cameron and James Lee. 2009. Long-Term Mortality Consequences of Childhood Family Context in Liaoning, China, 1749-1909. Social Science & Medicine. 68:1641-1648. PMC2714260

Campbell, Cameron and James Lee. 2008. Kin Networks, Marriage, and Social Mobility in Late Imperial China. Social Science History. 32(2):175-214.

Campbell, Cameron and James Lee. 2002 (publ. 2006). State views and local views of population: Linking and comparing genealogies and household registers in Liaoning, 1749-1909. History and Computing. 14(1+2):9-29.

Campbell, Cameron. 1997. Public health efforts in China before 1949 and their effects on mortality: the case of Beijing. Social Science History. 21(2):179-218.

Campbell, Cameron and James Lee. 1996. A death in the family: household structure and mortality in rural Liaoning, life-event and time-series analysis, 1792-1867. The History of the Family: An International Quarterly. 1(3), 297-328.

Wang Feng, James Lee and Cameron Campbell. 1995. Marital fertility control among the Qing nobility: implications for two types of preventive check. Population Studies. 49(3), 383-400.

Lee, James, Wang Feng and Cameron Campbell. 1994. Infant and child mortality among the Qing nobility: Implications for two types of positive check. Population Studies. 48(3):395-412.

Preston, Samuel and Cameron Campbell. 1993. Differential fertility and inheritance of traits: The case of IQ. American Journal of Sociology. 95(5), 997-1019.

Public datasets

Lee, James Z., and Cameron D. Campbell. China Multi-Generational Panel Dataset, Liaoning (CMGPD-LN), 1749-1909 [Computer file]. ICPSR27063-v2. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2010-08-17. doi:10.3886/ICPSR27063

Lee, James Z., Shuang Chen, Cameron D. Campbell, and Hongbo Wang. China Multi-Generational Panel Dataset, Shuangcheng (CMGPD-SC), 1866-1914. ICPSR35292-v1. Ann Arbor: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2014-07-28.

Edited volumes, Guest edited issues and collections

Campbell, Cameron, ed. 2013. Migration in historical East Asia. Special Section in History of the Family. 18(4):371-455.

Dribe, Martin, Jan Van Bavel, and Cameron Campbell, eds. 2012. Social Mobility and Demographic Behaviour: A Long-Term Perspective. Special Collection 10 in Demographic Research.

Kurosu, Satomi, Tommy Bengtsson, and Cameron Campbell, eds. 2010. Demographic Responses to Economic and Environmental Crisis. Kashiwa: Reitaku University Press.

Extramural funding


HK RGC GRF 16601718. Family Background Influences on the Appointment and Career Mobility of Qing Officials With Examination Degrees. $1,105,600 HKD in Direct Costs. 2018-2021. PI.

HK RGC GRF 16600017. Between The Old and the New: Marriage in Rural China During the Middle of the 20th Century. $1,143,500 HKD in Direct Costs. 2017-2020. PI.


HK RGC GRF 16400114. Spatial, Temporal, and Social Network Influences on Officials’ Careers during the Qing: Creation and Analysis of a National Database from the Jin Shen Lu. $846,988 HKD in Direct Costs. 2014-2017PI.

NICHHD 1R01HD070985-01. Multi-generational Demographic and Landholding Data: CMGPD-SC Public Release. 2012-2016. $588,025 (USD) in Direct Costs. PI.

NIGMS 1T32GM084903-01A1. “Integrated Training in the Population, Behavioral, and Biomedical Sciences.” 2009-2012. Program Director.

NICHHD 1R01HD057175-01A1 “The Liaoning Multi-Generational Panel Dataset: Public Release and User Training” (Susan Leonard PI) 2009-2011. Consultant.

NICHHD 5T32HD007545 “California Center for Population Research Training Program.” 2007-2011. Program Director.

Online courses

Social Science Approaches to the Study of Chinese Society, launched at Coursera in spring 2017.

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Part 2

Graduate student mentorship

Current PhD (Advisor)

Xiangning LI, Social Science, HKUST (w/ James Lee)

Current PhD (Committee Member)

Hao DONG, Social Science, HKUST (Committee Member)

Completed PhD (Primary Advisor/Committee Chair)

Bijia Chen, Social Science, HKUST (Primary Advisor)

Dwight Davis, Sociology, UCLA (Committee Chair)

Completed PhD (Committee Member)


UCLA: Yool Choi, Elizabeth Bruch, Vincent Fu, Bongoh Kye, Yaqiang Qi, Shige Song, Xiaogang Wu

Selected university service


Member, Presidential Search Committee, 2017-2018
Member, Honorary Awards Committee, 2017-2018
Member, Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences Search Committee, 2017-2018
Member, Vice-Provost for Research and Postgraduate Search Committee, 2015-2016
Co-Chair, Public Policy Cluster Hire Search Committee, 2015-2017
Chair, University Appointments and Substantiation Committee, 2014-2016
Member, University Appointments and Substantiation Committee, 2013-2016


College Faculty Executive Committee, 2011-2013
Information Technology Policy Board, 2012-2013