Transferring results from IPUMS to Excel and then into Word

Some students who have begun work on their final projects have asked how to transfer results of online data analysis from IPUMS to Word.  Fortunately, recent versions of Microsoft Excel do a fairly decent job of parsing results that are copied from the website into Excel.  I will provide an example.

Below is a screenshot from a page with output from a tabulation of year versus race:


Here, I have used the mouse to select the text that includes the column names, the row names, and the contents of the values…


I copy the selected text to the clipboard (Ctrl-C in Windows), go to Excel, go to the upper, left cell (A1) and paste (Ctrl-V in Windows, and Excel automatically formats the text fairly nicely into columns, with no additional work on my part…  Note that I am using Microsoft Office 2010.  I think some earlier versions will do the same, but I’m not sure.



Of course it is possible to copy larger amounts of material.

All that remains now is to format the table to following the guidelines for the class, and make it look nice.  This means eliminating all vertical lines and most horizontal lines, removing the red and blue shading, stretching columns to accommodate the large numbers. retitling rows and columns, creating a title for the table, removing the boldface and italics, and perhaps a few other tweaks.


This is now ready to be pasted into Word.

Note that this table is not yet perfect.  Because I was short of time, I didn’t copy over the totals row.  For most of your tables, you will want to include a totals row.




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