Sociology 181B Sociology of Contemporary China (UCLA Spring 2013) Announcement

I will teach my upper-division undergraduate lecture course on Chinese society (Sociology 181b) again in Spring quarter 2013.  The course is currently scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays, 10am to noon.  As was the case in spring 2012, the emphasis will be on family, population, and stratification/inequality.  Readings will consist primarily of research articles on these topics in major journals, plus some books.  I am still finalizing the syllabus.  In the meantime, you can view last spring’s syllabus here.  The entry at the Registrar’s website is here.

I hope to adjust the mix of readings somewhat to address very recent social change, especially in the areas of relationships, marriage, and sexuality.   I may make some adjustments as well to the coverage of education, to focus more on higher education and elite education, and some very recent developments, like the increasing popularity of going to college abroad.

Course policies will be broadly similar.  One key difference is that I will make use of i>clicker, as I have been doing this quarter in Sociology 116.

181B may be taken independently of 181A.  In other words, 181A is not a prerequisite for 181B.  In 181A and 181B, Ching-Kwan Lee and I each focus on our respective areas of expertise and interest.  Of course, any student who does complete both quarters will receive a very complete and multi-faceted picture of contemporary Chinese society.

According to the Sociology department website, 181B has now been included as one of the courses in the “Institutions and Social Processes” core:

The course is open to students from outside Sociology.  While students majoring in International Development, East Asian Studies, and Asian Studies are especially welcome to enroll, previous course in the social sciences or area studies is not required.