Slides introducing use of STATA to organize and analyze CMGPD-LN data


UPDATE: This post is out of date. The most recent CMGPD-LN Documentation is available at the ICPSR study site: The slides referred to here have been added to the Training Guide available there (2016 October 18).

I have posted the slides from my methodological lectures at the CMGPD short course that I taught in July at Shanghai Jiaotong University.  These slides introduce many of the STATA operations necessary to carry out advanced operations with the data, most importantly using bysort, merge and certain other commands to construct complex household, life course and kinship variables.  The slides also introduce the basic ‘pre-packaged’ outcome variables and the social status variables.  They also provide examples of using STATA to produce descriptive tables and figures using the data.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.  The slides are in essence a draft of the Training Guide that we will release soon.