Prizes and Awards

Publications by Lee-Campbell Group members have won 13 academic prizes or equivalent recognition, including four books and two articles written in English and two books and three articles written in Chinese.  12 of the authors are current or former group members: Cameron Campbell, Bijia Chen, Shuang Chen, Hao Dong, James Z. Lee, Lan Li, Chen Liang, Bamboo Y. Ren, Danching Ruan, Wang Feng, Emma Zang, and Hao Zhang.

  • The Jiangsu Academy of Social Science awarded Chen Liang Hao Dong, Bamboo Y. Ren, James Z. Lee, 2017, <江山代有才人出,各领风骚数十年:中国精英教育四段论,1865-2014> 《社会学研究》(Sociological Research) 第三期 (May/June): 48-70, a 2017 third prize (三等奖) for Outstanding Achievement in Philosophy and Social Science
  • The PRC Ministry of Education nominated Chen Liang, Hao Dong, James Z. Lee, 2015,  <量化数据库与历史研究> (Big Historical Data and New Directions in Historical Research) 《历史研究》(Historical Research). Vol 2 (April 2015): 113-128 for a 2019/2020 优秀青年成果奖 (Talented Young Scholar Achievement Award)
  • The American Sociological Association Section on Asia/Asian-America awarded Emma Zang and Cameron Campbell, 2018, “Males’ Later-Life Mortality Consequences of Coresidence With Paternal Grandparents: Evidence From Northeast China, 1789-1909” Demography. 55(2):435-57 the “Best Graduate Student Paper” for 2018
  • Demographic Research named Bijia Chen, Cameron Campbell, and Hao Dong, 2018, “Interethnic marriage in Northeast China, 1866– 1913” Demographic Research 38(34):929-966 as the 2018 “Editor’s Choice”
  • The Association of College and Research Libraries awarded Shuang Chen, 2017, State-Sponsored Inequality: The Banner System and Social Stratification in Northeast China, Stanford University Press, the winner of the 2017 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title
  • The Tsinghua Journal awarded Chen Liang and James Z. Lee, 2014, <大数据,新史实与理论演进—以学籍卡材料的史料价值与研究方法为中心的讨论> (Recent Advances in Big Data, New Historical Facts and Social Theory — A Discussion Based on New Research Using University Student Records)《清华大学学报》(哲学社会科学版) 2014 年第五期:104-113 the 2015 Parkson Best Article Award
  • The Jiangsu Academy of Social Science awarded Chen Liang, Hao Zhang, Lan Li, Danqing Ruan, Cameron Campbell, James Z. Lee, 2013, 《无声的革命: 北京大学、苏州大学的学生社会来源 1949-2002》 (Silent Revolution: The Social Origins of Peking University and Soochow University Undergraduates, 1949-2002) Beijing Sanlian, a 2014 third prize(三等奖)for Outstanding Achievement in Philosophy and Social Science
  • The Japanese Population Association awarded Noriko Tsuya, Wang Feng, George Alter, James Z. Lee, et al. 2010, Prudence and Pressure: Reproduction and Human Agency in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900, MIT Press, the 2012 Biennial Prize for Best Book or Article published in 2009 and 2010 in Population Studies
  • The Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences named James Z. Lee and Wang Feng, 2006, La population Chinoise: mythes and réalités (The Population of China: Myths and Realities) Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, a 2007 Finalist for the Prix Jean-Charles-Falardeau Prize for Best French‑language book in the Social Sciences
  • The American Sociological Association Asia and Asian America Section awarded Tommy Bengtsson, Cameron Campbell, James Lee, et al.  2004, Life Under Pressure: Mortality and Living Standards in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900, MIT Press, the 2005 Biennial Prize for Outstanding Book on Asia
  • The Chinese Academic Yearbook《中国学术年鉴》named Yizhuang Ding, Songyi Guo, James Z. Lee, and Cameron Campbell, 2004,《辽东移民的旗人社会》(Banner Society and the Settlement of Eastern Liaodong) Shanghai shehui kexue chubanshe, one of the top five history books of 2004年出版的五本最佳历史著作之一
  • The Social Science History Association awarded James Z. Lee and Wang Feng, 1999, One Quarter of Humanity: Malthusian Mythology and Chinese Realities, 1700-2000, Harvard University Press, the 2000 Allan Sharlin Award for Best Book in Social Science History
  • The American Sociological Association Population Section awarded James Z. Lee and Wang Feng, 1999, One Quarter of Humanity: Malthusian Mythology and Chinese Realities, 1700-2000, Harvard University Press, the 2000 Otis Dudley Duncan Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Social Demography

Publications (Last 10 years)

Since 2010, members of the Lee-Campbell Group have produced 62 publications, including 5 books and 1 edited volume. Many of these are based on our various ongoing group research projects and make use of the associated datasets. Others are from other projects not associated with the Lee-Campbell group in which group members are involved and include co-authors who are not group members.

Project Author Title Genre Source/Publisher Year Vol Issue Pages
Cameron D. Campbell and James Z. Lee Historical Chinese Microdata. 40 Years of Dataset Construction by the Lee-Campbell Research Group.

Article Historical Life Course Studies 2020 10 Special Issue 1
CGED-Q 康文林 (Cameron D. Campbell) 清末科举停废对士人文官群体的影响——基于微观大数据的宏观新视角 (The Influence of the Abolition of the Examinations at the End of the Qing on the Holders of Exam Degrees). CNKI Article 社会科学辑刊 2020 4 249 156-166
CGED-Q Chen, Bijia, Cameron Campbell, Yuxue Ren, and James Lee Big Data for the Study of Qing Officialdom: The China Government Employee Database-Qing (CGED-Q). Article Journal of Chinese History 2020 4 Special Issue 2 431-460
CRRD-SQ Xing, Long, Cameron Campbell, Xiangning Li, Matthew Noellert, James Z. Lee Education, class and assortative marriage in rural Shanxi, China in the mid-twentieth century Article Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 2020 66 April 1-15
Raymo, James M. and Hao Dong Parental Resources and Child Well-Being in East Asia: An Overview Article Chinese Journal of Sociology 2020 6 2 197-218
OTAL Ding Guan, Zhou Zhong, Hamish Coates, Liu Liu, and James Z. Lee Education Innovation Through Online And Mobile Learning Book chapter Innovations in Asian Higher Education / Edited By Zhou Zhong, Hamish Coates, Shi Jinghuan. London : Routledge. 2019 Chapter 4,
CGED-Q 陈必佳 (Bijia Chen) 再论《缙绅录》记载的准确性及其史料价值 Article 清史研究 2019 4 129-133
郭爽;梁晨 留守还是西迁:抗战时期金陵大学的迁移抉择 Article 民国研究 2019 1 174-190
CUSD 梁晨 用大规模量化历史数据库检验中国的长期代际遗传 Article 南京大学学报(哲学·人文科学·社会科学) 2019 56 2 91-96
CUSD 梁晨 推动数据连接促进史学研究 Article 中国社会科学报 2019
OTAL 梁晨 (Chen LIANG),董浩 (Hao DONG),李中清 (James Z. Lee) 从绘一幅画到做一幕戏:互联网时代历史教研新动向探微 Article 文史哲 2018 6 121-134
CMGPD Fu, Siwei, Hao Dong, Weiwei Cui, Jian Zhao, and Huamin Qu How Do Ancestral Traits Shape Family Trees Over Generations? Article IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2018 24 1 205-214
CMGPD Chen, Bijia, Cameron Campbell, and Hao Dong Interethnic Marriage in Northeast China, 1866-1913 Article Demographic Research 2018 38  929-966
CRRD-SQ Matthew Noellert (倪志宏) 大背景下的农村社会——1935-1966年道备村社会经济构成初探 Article 山西大学学报(哲学社会科学版). 山西大学学报编辑部 2018 1 43-49
A Zhang, Y Hu, M Noellert Rural Migrants and Settlement Rights in Early Twentieth-Century Shanxi: A Study of Class Background Registers Article Rural China 2018 15 2 249-276
 CGED-Q 陈必佳;康文林;李中清 清末新政前后旗人与宗室官员的官职变化初探——以《缙绅录》数据库为材料的分析 Article 清史研究 2018 4 10-20
梁晨 从教育选拔到教育分层:民国大学院校的招生与门槛 Article 近代史研究 2018 6 24-42
梁晨 清华教职员群体规模与流动研究(1925—1952) Article 教育学报 2018 14 5 119-128
CMGPD Emma Zang, Cameron Campbell Males’ Later-Life Mortality Consequences of Coresidence With Paternal Grandparents: Evidence From Northeast China, 1789–1909 Article Demography 2018 55 2 435-457
CMGPD Hao Dong, Matteo Manfredini, Satomi Kurosu, Wen-shan Yang, and James Z. Lee Kin and birth order effects on male child mortality: Three East Asian populations, 1716-1945 Article Evolution and Human Behavior 2017 38 2 208-216
CMGPD Shuang Chen State-Sponsored Inequality: The Banner System and Social Stratification in Northeast China Book Stanford University Press 2017
Dong, Hao and Satomi Kurosu Postmarital Residence and Child Sex Selection: Evidence from Northeastern Japan,1716-1870 Article Demographic Research 2017 37 1383-1412
 CUSD 梁晨;任韵竹;王雨前;李中清 民国上海地区高校生源量化刍议 Article 历史研究 2017 3 76-92
 CUSD 梁晨;董浩;任韵竹;李中清 江山代有才人出——中国教育精英的来源与转变(1865-2014) Article 社会学研究 2017 32 3 48-70
CUSD 梁晨 量化数据库:“数字人文”推动历史研究之关键 Article 江海学刊 2017 2 162-164
Song Xi and Cameron D. Campbell Genealogical Microdata and Their Significance for Social Science Article Annual Review of Sociology 2017 43 75-99
CMGPD Elliott, Mark C., Cameron Campbell, and James Z. Lee A Demographic Estimate of the Population of the Qing Banners. Article Études Chinoises: Bulletin de l’Association Française D’études Chinoises 2016 35 1  9-40
Campbell, Cameron D Large-scale collaboration and comparison in historical demography: Reflections on the Eurasia project Book chapter The Future of Historical Demography: Upside Down and Inside Out / Matthijs, Koen, Saskia Hin, Jan Kok, and Hideko Matsuo, (eds.)  Leuven : ACCO 2016 193-196
 CGED-Q 任玉雪;陈必佳;郝小雯;康文林;李中清 清代缙绅录量化数据库与官员群体研究 Article 清史研究 2016 4 61-77
任玉雪;李荣倩 清代盛京围场的隶属与盛京、吉林将军辖区的分界 Article 中国历史地理论丛 2016 31 4 121-128
梁晨 大数据时代历史研究新方法 Article 中国社会科学报 2016
CMGPD Hao Dong, Cameron Campbell, Satomi Kurosu, Wen-shan Yang, and James Z. Lee. New Sources for Comparative Social Science: Historical Population Panel Data from East Asia. Article  Demography 2015 52 3  1061-1088
CMGPD Xi Song, Cameron D. Campbell, James Z. Lee Ancestry Matters: Patrilineage Growth and Extinction Article American Sociological Review 2015 80 3 574-602
CMGPD Hao Dong, Cameron Campbell, Satomi Kurosu, and James Z. Lee Household Context and Individual Departure: The Case of Escape in Three  ‘Unfree’East Asian Populations, 1700 – 1900 Article Chinese Journal of Sociology 2015 1 4 515-539
LI Ji 李紀 God’s Little Daughters: Catholic Women in Nineteenth-Century Manchuria. Book The University of Washington Press 2015
 CUSD 梁晨;董浩;李中清 量化数据库与历史研究 Article 历史研究 2015 2 113-128
梁晨 民国大学从业群体的阶层结构与流动研究——以清华大学为例的考察 Article 中山大学学报(社会科学版) 2015 55 3 74-84
 CUSD 梁晨;董浩 必要与如何:基于历史资料的量化数据库构建与分析 以大学生学籍卡片资料为中心的讨论 Article 社会 2015 35 2 94-108
CMGPD Hao Dong, James Z. Lee Kinship matters: Long-term mortality consequences of childhood migration, historical evidence from northeast China, 1792–1909 Article Social Science & Medicine 2014 119 274-283
CMGPD Shuang Chen, Cameron Campbell, James Z. Lee Categorical Inequality and Gender Difference: Marriage and Remarriage in Northeast China, 1749-1913 Book chapter Similarity in Difference: Marriage in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900/Christer Lundh, Satomi Kurosu. London: The MIT Press 2014 Chapter 11, 393-438
 CUSD 梁晨;李中清 大数据、新史实与理论演进——以学籍卡材料的史料价值与研究方法为中心的讨论 Article 清华大学学报(哲学社会科学版) 2014 29 5 104-113
任玉雪;武洋 论清代奉天地区的市钱 Article 清史研究 2014 4 13-27
 CUSD 梁晨, 张浩, 李兰, 阮丹青, 康文林, 李中清 无声的革命: 北京大学、苏州大学的学生社会来源 1949-2002 Book 北京:三联出版社 2013
 CUSD 梁晨;李中清 贫寒之家大学之路的变迁 Article 读书 2013 9 141-148
任玉雪 清代吉林将军双城地区的身份制度与旗界、民界(1815-1911年)——兼论东北地区的封禁政策 Article 中国历史地理论丛 2013 28 3 115-123
李中清(James Z. Lee) 中国西南边疆的社会经济 Book 人民出版社 2012
Dribe, Martin, Jan Van Bavel, and Cameron Campbell, eds Social mobility and demographic behavior: Long term perspectives  Article Demographic Research 2012 26 173-190
康文林 历史人口学 Book chapter 人口学 /梁在编. 北京: 中国人民大学出版社 2012 233-265
 CUSD 梁晨;李中清;张浩;李兰;阮丹青;康文林;杨善华; 无声的革命:北京大学与苏州大学学生社会来源研究(1952—2002) Article 中国社会科学 2012 1 98-118
CMGPD Cameron D. Campbell, James Z. Lee Kinship and the long-term persistence of inequality in Liaoning, China, 1749-2005 Article Chinese Sociological Review 2011 44 1 71-104
任玉雪,李中清,康文林 地方政府的行政实践与国家制度之间的冲突及重塑—以晚清吉林将军双城堡民界的出现为例 Article 中央研究院歷史語言研究所集刊 2011 82 3 493-532
Matthew Z. Noellert Debating Morals and the Discourse of Social Change in the Anthropology of Modern China Article Anthropological Quarterly 2011 84 3 757-767
梁晨 民国前期国立大学教员薪俸的规定与问题——以北京大学为中心的考察 Article 民国研究 2011 1 37-54
梁晨 民国国立大学教师兼课研究——以北京大学、清华大学为例 Article 南京大学学报(哲学.人文科学.社会科学版) 2011 48 3 101-111
任玉雪 论清代东北地区的厅 Article 中国历史地理论丛 2011 26 3 81-91
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CMGPD Cameron D. Campbell, James Z. Lee Fertility control in historical China revisited: New methods for an old debate Article The History of the Family 2010 15 4  370-385
CMGPD Shuang Chen, James Z. Lee, Cameron Campbell Wealth stratification and reproduction in Northeast China, 1866–1907 Article The History of the Family 2010 15 4 386-412
CMGPD WANG Linlan, James Z. Lee and Cameron Campbell Institutions and inequality:  Comparing the Zongshi and the Jueluo in the Qing Imperial Lineage. Article Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies 2010 10 1 33-61
CMGPD Campbell, Cameron and James Z. Lee Demographic impacts of climatic fluctuations in Northeast China, 1749-1909 Book Chapter Demographic Responses to Economic and Environmental Crisis/ Edited by Satomi Kurosu, Tommy Bengtsson, Cameron Campbell. Kashiwa, Chiba: Reitaku University 2010  107-132
任玉雪 再论清代东北的旗、民管理体制 Article 学术界 2010 3 183-192
Kurosu, Satomi, Tommy Bengtsson, and Cameron Campbell, eds Demographic Responses to Economic and Environmental Crisis Book Kashiwa: Reitaku University Press. 2010