Cameron Campbell 康文林
Portrait by Kellas Campbell

Please see my website for more information about me and my work.

My research focuses on kinship, inequality, and demographic behavior in China and in comparative perspective. The results have been published in books as well as numerous journal articles. For this, my collaborators and I in the Lee-Campbell Research Group construct, analyze and publicly release large databases from historical materials such as population registers. For an example of our publicly released databases, please see the CMGPD page at ICPSR. Our work has been supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health, the Hong Kong Research Grants Council, and other sources.

Before moving to HKUST in 2013, I was in the Department of Sociology at UCLA for 17 years. I earned my PhD at the University of Pennsylvania, and my Bachelor’s degree at the California Institute of Technology. I was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004.