As a student in the dual degree program, you will be responsible to pay the tuition and fees for the program in which you are enrolled during each semester.

Master of Arts in International Language Education (MAILE) with HKUST

Installment Deadline Amount (HK$)
Local Non-Local
1st installment # early September, 1st year of study
(same as tuition fee due date for Fall)
42,500 60,000
2nd installment early February, 2nd year of study
(same as tuition fee due date for Spring)
42,500 60,000
21,250 @ 30,000 @
TOTAL * 85,000 120,000
63,750 @ 90,000 @

The number of credit required for graduation is 24 credits

# includes the non-refundable deposit of HK$20,000 (local students) and HK$30,000 (non-local students) to be paid upon issuance of admission offer and be used to offset the 1st installment

* students taking extra credits / re-taking courses will be charged at HK$4,250 per credit (same rate for both local and non-local students)

@ Typically, students will successfully transfer 6 credits earned from USC so that the amount of second installment will be downwardly adjusted to HK$21,250 (local) and HK$30,000(non-local) [fee for one 3-credit course is equivalent to one-eighth of total program fee, that is, HK$10,625 (local) and HK$15,000 (non-local) for student cohort of 2019/2020]

Note: Local refers to the student who will not require a student Visa for study in Hong Kong. Non-local refers to the student who will require an appropriate Visa (i.e. Student Visa, IANG, Dependent Visa, etc.) for study in Hong Kong.

World Masters in Language Teaching Program, a dual degree program with University of Southern California

The table below reflects the estimated cost of beginning the World Masters in Language Teaching (WMLT) program in fall 2019. Estimated tuition is based on the 2018-2019 rate of tuition of $1,863 per unit and estimated fees for the 2018-2019 academic year. Fees include the USC student health insurance plan, the USC student center health fee, the Norman H. Topping Student Aid fund, the graduate programing fee and new student fee. Enrollment in the USC student health insurance plan may be waived if you are covered by a comprehensive insurance plan that meets the university’s requirements.

Tuition and fees typically increase 3-5% each year, beginning with the fall term each year. The estimated cost does not include books, housing, parking or projected increases. For a break down of tuition and fees, visit the USC catalogue page.

WMLT Chinese and English Track WMLT Chinese and English Track with credential
Units Tuition and Fees Units Tuition and Fees
Spring 2019 8 $16,667 USD 10 $20,393 USD
Fall 2020 10 $18,825 USD 12 $22,551 USD
Spring 2020 1* $2,990 USD N/A N/A
Total 18 $41,567 USD 22 $44,071 USD

Other Fees

HKUST application fee HK$260
HKUST student Visa application fee HK$550
USC application fee $90 USD