Summer / Winter Exchange

The information on summer/ winter programs is posted and continuously updated as SHSS confirms the information with Office of the Dean of Students (DSTO), Office of Global Learning (OGL) and the organizers.

A variety of summer / winter programs are offered by DSTO and OGL periodically. For more information about each program, please visit their websites:

  1. OGL Summer Abroard Programs
  2. HKUST Connect Community Engagement Record
  3. HKUST Connect Community Engagement Project Fund
  4. DSTO Mainland Exchange and Learning Opportunities

SHSS also collaborates with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sichuan University, Shantou University and Shandong University to offer several summer/ winter programs periodically. Please stay tuned or contact for more information.

  1. Summer Study Program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (closed application)
  2. Summer Study Program at Sichuan University (closed application)
  3. Summer Study Program at Shantou University (closed application)
  4. Summer Study Program at Shandong University