Postgraduate Exchange

We are looking for students who demonstrate strong interest in broadening their world views, curious about the outside world, and determine to pursuing knowledge in the areas of humanities and social science.


  • An applicant would be considered eligible for the exchange programs only if:
    1. her/his CGA is A- or above;
    2. she/he can demonstrate a higher level of English communication skills.
  • The Postgraduate Committee strongly advise:
    1. applicants in the MPhil programs to go on exchange in the second semester of their first year of study, and their length in exchange not to exceed one semester or two quarters;
    2. applicants in the PhD programs to go on exchange in the second year of their study, and their length in exchange not to exceed two semesters;
    3. applicants to plan ahead in consultation with their academic advisors.

Application Period

Exchange Semester Application & Selection Period
Fall February to March
Spring August to September

Application Procedures

Action 1 Submit the application form and supporting documents

Submit the Application Form together with the following supporting documents to International Exchange Team in the School of Humanities and Social Science, Room 3347.

  • An updated CV (maximum 2 pages)
  • An Official transcript
  • A reference letter from her/his academic advisor
  • A written statement in English of about 500 words outlining their research interest and proposed subject of research/study
  • A proof of funding source for the exchange study (studentship or other funds)
  • A proof of English Language Proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS)

Note: MPhil students would be exchanged out for one-term (or two-quarter for UCLA), and PhD students would be given the options of three-quarter for UCLA or a one-term exchange at the host institution. Final decision, however, rests with the SHSS and the host university. Please check with us for the term dates at HKUST.

Action 2 Consult your academic advisors

Applicant (if he/she is research postgraduate) shall consult his/her academic advisor regarding the proposed subject of research/study he/she wishes to undertake at the host university and identify a faculty member at the host university with whom he/she is interested to work with. The initial contact with the host faculty member shall be made by the academic advisor on behalf of the applicant.

Action 3 Interviewed by the school PG committee

Action 4 Nominated by SHSS

If a student is eligible to be nominated, the exchange coordinator will liaise with the corresponding host university coordinator.

Action 5 Submit documents to Host Universities

Action 6 Fulfill other requirements upon request