Undergraduate Exchange

School of Humanities and Social Science (SHSS) is pleasured to offer students from BSc in Global China Studies (GCS) and BSc in Quantitative Social Analysis (QSA) Program a wide range of study abroad programs. Students may choose to spend a regular term as an exchange student at one of the partner institutions in school- or university-level.
Please refer to the links below for all stages of exchange program.

Terms & Conditions

Application Procedures Overview

Exchange Offer Acceptance

Pre-departure & Arrival

Financial Support

After Exchange

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Terms & Conditions

Before application

  1. Applicants are expected to read through all the information in this website and StudyAbroad webpage before the application.
  2. Applicants must check if they meet the application eligibilities before application. Any application failed to meet the eligibilities and requirements indicated by host institution will not be considered.
  3. Requirements as well as the Terms and Conditions set by the host institution may vary from year to year. SHSS reserves the rights to revise the requirements and call period without prior notice.

During application

  1. Applicants should check ITSC email regularly and pay attention to all the deadlines as stipulated. Any late application or late submission of documents will NOT be considered.
  2. Nomination decision rests with SHSS while final decision rests with the host university.

After nomination

  1. Applicants, as university students, are expected to handle the visa application, study plan, courses registration and credit transfer independently upon reading the guidelines and instructions thoroughly.
  2. Applicants are expected to contact relevant departments for documents if required for any exchange application purpose initially and should allow at least 5 working days for preparing documents.
  3. Once accepting the offer, any turn down or withdrawal of exchange program will result in blacklist for both future exchange applications (for both school- and university- level) and SHSS internship applications with effect immediately.


SHSS students are eligible to apply for HKUST School of Humanities and Social Science Undergraduate Outbound Exchange Program by meeting ALL the requirements listed below:

  • Must complete at least three regular terms of study in the program prior to exchange
  • With CGA 2.7 or above by the time of applying for international exchange program; CGA 2.5 or above for programs in mainland China
  • A proof of English Language Proficiency (as required)

NOTE: Nomination decision rests with SHSS while final decision rests with the host university.

Upcoming Application Period – 2021 Spring:

8 May 2020 – 15 June 2020

Please read through all the information here before starting to apply.

Application Timeline

SHSS Application Term Exchange Term Partner University Selection
Year 1 at the end of Spring (May – June) Year 2 Spring August – October
Year 2 at the end of Fall (Dec – Jan) Year 3 Fall February/March – April
Year 2 at the end of Spring (May – June) Year 3 Spring August – October
Year 3 at the end of Fall (Dec – Jan) Year 4 Fall February/March – April

Application Period

SHSS & HKUST Partners

Exchange Semester SHSS Application Period Partner University Application
and Selection Period
Fall December – January Mid-February – April
Spring May – June August – October

Mainland Partners

Exchange Semester Application Period Partner University Application
and Selection Period
Fall February – March March – April
Spring September – October October

* Application deadlines may be differ, applicants should check corresponding mailbox regularly.

* The timeline for SHSS & HKUST Partners includes the school-level partners of China Exchange Program, please refer to the exchange program list.

* Subject to further changes according to Partner’s nomination deadline each year, SHSS reserves the rights to change the above period and announces the call for application on different dates without further notice.

NOTE: The quota for University-level partners may vary and applicants have to compete with other schools’ candidates.

NOTE: Given the application time is different between University – level and School-level of China exchange program where the application period for school-level is usually earlier than that of university-level , applicants cannot apply for University-level exchange program if they are offered with school-level one.

Application Flow


* Nomination decision rests with the School
* Final decision rests with the host university

Application Procedures

Submit an online application as instructed via MyStudyAbroad.

Your academic profile, study plan, language proficiency, experience in co-curricular activities and interview performance (if any) will be reviewed by school.
Sometimes the interview will be exempted if we could locate the outstanding applicants right upon reviewing the application.

If you are shortlisted and nominated by our school, we shall liaise with the corresponding host university coordinator.

The details will be announced by email sent from partner universities once they accept SHSS’s nomination.

Applicants may be required to submit supporting document by hardcopy after finishing online application of host institutions. Applicants will be asked to send the original copy to SHSS before the stipulated deadline and SHSS will help applicants to deliver those document to partner universities.

After application submitted to host institutions, sometimes they will contact applicants individually and directly for any follow-up procedures. ALL applicants should forward the acknowledgement emails/letters, any important emails from partner universities to SHSS for future reference.

Exchange Offer Acceptance

Upon the release of application result, applicants will be asked to commit the offer via MyStudyAbroad system within a stipulated deadline. There is an important update in the undertaking of MyStudyAbroad system. Applicants with offer should read the lines thoroughly before signing. Any late commitment will NOT be accepted. The offer email will be sent by the system automatically. Applicants should check the mailbox and spam folder regularly.

Please also refer to the policies for the exchange offer acceptance. By accepting the exchange offer indicates that applicants agree and commit to the policies.

Should there be any enquiries on the exchange offer, please contact exchange@ust.hk or 2358 8438 as soon as possible.

Pre-departure & Arrival

About courses and study plan

  • Prepare your study plan for application.
  • Make a back-up & flexible plan for studies (extra credits / take courses in winter or summer to fulfill credit requirements). Applicants should pay attention on the mapping of courses in order to minimize the risk of deferring graduation. It is highly recommended to take most of the credits in HKUST for completing the graduation requirements before exchange.
  • Check out the course information available to exchange students.
  • Approach ARR for the course transfer pre-assessment before exchange. HERE (ITSC login required)
  • Course registration to any specific courses are not guaranteed.


Visa application

Applicants are fully responsible for the application of the required visa documents for entry to countries where their host institutions locate. Applicants are advised to allow sufficient time on applying for student visa where it usually takes 1 to 2 months to process.

For details, please refer to the Consulates concerned.



All exchange-out students will be automatically enrolled to the University’s Travel Insurance as stated in Scholarships & Financial Aid Office. However, it requires the place of departure and return must be Hong Kong.

Some institutions may have additional insurance requirements for exchange students. Please refer to their admission page/email.


Arrangement before departure

  • Applicants will be asked to submit SHSS risk form.
  • Applicants are advised to purchase air-tickets after formally accepted by the host institution and having the student visa.
  • Travel documents should be valid at least 6 months by the time of exchange study completed.
  • Make sure there is enough cash flow for exchange, particularly for the first month of study.



  • Update home and MyStudyAbroad about abroad contact information.
  • Attend the orientation activities arranged by host institution.

Financial Support

There are a number of financial support options available to exchange-out students. Please refer to the website of HKUST Study Abroad.

Special requirements from SHSS for HKUST Study Abroad Sponsorship:

  • Applicants must pass all the courses during exchange
  • Applicants must NOT leave the program before the official program end date
  • Applicants must provide transcript of courses taken at host university to SHSS via email by the cut-off dates. Email and reminders will be sent to you in due course. Any late submission will NOT be considered.

After Exchange

Formal credit transfer application

Applicants should proceed formal application for credits transfer upon following the instructions of Credit Transfer for Undergraduates.


Transcript from host institution

Exchange students may receive official transcript via online system or mail to home address. It is a MUST for students to submit a copy to the School as soon as possible.


Exchange Report

ALL exchange students are required to submit an online exchange report, with photos included within one month after your return from your exchange study to Hong Kong.

More information will be sent in due course.

Useful Links

  • SHSS useful information page HERE
  • Student sharing profiles HERE (ITSC login required)
  • Pre-departure Information HERE
  • International ISOS HERE
  • Course Equivalence Database HERE

    For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact exchange@ust.hk.