Publications - Social Research


The Population Problem in Pacific Asia

Author: Prof GIETEL-BASTEN, Stuart 2019

The Civil Sphere in East Asia

Author: Prof. Agnes Shuk-mei Ku 2019

Why Demography Matters

Author: Danny Dorling, Stuart Gietel-Basten 2018

Social Network Analysis: Methods and Examples

Author: Song Yang, Franziska B. Keller, Lu Zheng 2017


作者: 李伯重 2014

Economic Geography - An Institutional Approach

Authors: Jerry PATCHELL, Roger HAYTER 2016


主編: 鄭樹森, 盧瑋鑾 2017

China in Africa

Authors: Barry SAUTMAN, 严海蓉 2017


作者: 刘剑梅 2012

Association Models

Author: Sin-Kwok Raymond WONG 2010