Crisis and Transformation in China's Hong Kong

SO Alvin Y. and CHAN Ming K.
Year of Publication
Armonk: M.E. Sharpe

Hong Kong has been undergoing a sweeping transformation since its return to Chinese sovereignty in 1997. This book is a multidisciplinary assessment of the new regime and key issues, challenges, crises, and opportunities confronting the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Leading scholars document and examine major developments and unfolding trends, and also speculate on different aspects of Hong Kong’s gradual integration with China and possible trajectories for the future. They cover the political, electoral, and administrative systems; Hong Kong’s legal and constitutional functioning; language policy and education reforms; media politics and cultural trends; and the Asian economic crisis, economic development, and land-use planning.

…an excellent analysis of a wide variety of issues that are critical to the Hong Kong transformation. (The China Review)

The strengths of this volume lie in its detailed analysis of democratic politics, of Hong Kong-wide and district elections, of political cleavages and civil service reform and of some of the legal and constitutional issues that have engaged the territory since the retrocession. (The China Journal)

…those who are interested in Hong Kong, and who have been following its developments closely should find the book valuable. This is probably the ultimate test as it offers in-depth analysis and insightful theoretical perspectives. (Journal of Contemporary Asia)