China's Developmental Miracle: Origins, Transformations, and Challenges

SO Alvin Y.
Year of Publication
Armonk: M.E. Sharpe

In contrast to the failure to economic reforms in Eastern Europe, China’s economic reforms have been quite successful. Decollectivization, marketization, state enterprise reforms, and reintegration into the world economy have led to very rapid economic development in China over the past two decades. These economic reforms, in turn, triggered profound social and political changes. This collection examines the origins, nature, and impact, as well as the future prospects of these reforms and changes. The contributors are all active researchers from a variety of disciplines, including economics, sociology, political science, and geography.

This edited book offers a multidisciplinary perspective on China’s development. The chapters are by specialists in economics, political science, sociology and geography. It provides a good overview for those who wish to gain an understanding of China’s developmental process—the triggering events and motivations for reforms, the political economic dynamics confronting the policy makers, societal transformations, and the numerous challenges the country faces as it inches towards a market economy. The book was written for both the novice and old China hand in mind—the former will find certain chapters heavy and tedious, while the latter will discover the analysis of some critical issues to be rather cursory. (Lynette Ongm)