The Chinese Triangle of Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

SO Alvin Y., Nan Lin, Dudley Poston
Year of Publication
Westport: Greenwood Press

The Chinese triangle of mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan constitutes one of the most dynamic regions in the world economy. Since the late 1970s, these three societies have experienced increasing economic integration; however, studies aimed at analyzing and explaining this integration have often overlooked the very important role social institutions have played in the shaping of this process. To fill this gap, this book adopts a systematic institutional approach designed to examine the different patterns of institutions in the three countries and to discuss how such social institutions as the economy, gender, social networks, and the Chinese diaspora have exerted a profound impact on all three societies.

“[c]ontains useful information and analyses of the topics covered.” (Royal Society for Asian Affairs)

“[h]as excellent potential to make ground-breaking theoretical contributions by relating the Chinese experience to both the theoretical debates on social embeddedness and the well-documented processes of regional integration in Europe and North America….[T]his volume is very well conceived and organized. It stands out as one of the most informative, thoughtful and fresh interpretations of the rapid changes in the Chinese economies in the current era of globalization” (Pacific Affairs)

“…offers a rich information and excellent insights about evolving institutions at a time of great societal transformation and, in this way, it is a timely sociological reading on Chinese societies. I recommend Chinese Triangle to students of contemporary Chinese society and culture as a reference for their social research programs and classroom instruction.” (The Journal of Asian Studies)