The 2014 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) Rankings

Periodically, the Hong Kong Research Grants Council conducts a Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) to evaluate the quality of research undertaken by Hong Kong UGC higher education institutions. The 2014 RAE required all UGC professorial faculty who had been employed for at least six months on a multi-year contract and were in office on September 30, 2013 to submit four research outputs for evaluation (80%) as well as information on their professional esteem (10%), and external funding (10%).

Based on the 2014 University Grants Council Research Assessment Exercise, HKUST is second in Hong Kong in Humanities as measured by World Leading 4-star Research Output, and second in Hong Kong in Social Science as measured by World Leading 4-star Research Output and Internationally Excellent 3-star Research Output.

These high rankings are notable considering that with 25 Social Science professors and 27 Humanities professors, HKUST is among the smallest Social Science faculty and is by far the smallest Humanities faculty compared to our sister Hong Kong UGC universities who have 40 to 400 percent more social science professors and 200 to 400 percent more humanities professors. [1]

We celebrate this achievement.

Website of RAE:

Ranking of SHSS:

[1] CUHK, HKU, CityU, HKBU, HKIEd, LU, PolyU, and HKUST submitted 108, 89, 76, 70, 66, 57, 54, and 27 professors respectively to the Humanities Panel. HKU, CUHK, CityU, HKBU, PolyU, HKIEd, HKUST, and LU submitted 93, 90, 83, 73, 44, 36, 25, and 20 professors respectively to the Social Science Panel.