Having an exchange study at Peking University is definitely a life-changing experience. I chose School of Law as my faculty there. I observed quite a lot of differences in learning between Peking University and HKUST. Most students there would prefer continuing their study in postgraduate level. Unlike Hong Kong, job market in Mainland China encourages freshmen to equip themselves in order to succeed in the career. Learning in Beijing is not restricted to classrooms. I developed my professional network in Mainland China by participating activities inside and outside university. Through personal observation and interaction with locals, I gained a better understanding on China’s economic landscape and culture deposits.

Peking University, China
Exchange-out: Year 3

Our program aims to enrich student learning through global experiences. We are eager to send the students out into the world, to experience different cultures, and to receive world-class education at some of the best tertiary institutions in the world. Our School has established exchange partnerships with a number of prestigious universities in North America, Western Europe and Asia, through which we are able to provide students with ample exchange opportunities. We also organize study trips to the Mainland and coordinate with other parties in offering summer programs in Peking, Shanghai and Sichuan to enhance students’ first-hand knowledge of contemporary China.