One of the biggest differences between HKUST and CUA in terms of courses are the varieties. As for me I don’t exactly have an equivalent major in CUA as in HKUST (which is Global China Studies), I have a greater flexibility in choosing courses. One of the most interesting course that I have chosen is Terrorism and Counterterrorism, which you can never easily find an institution that actually put emphasis on teaching students what terrorism is. The best part of this course is the instructor, who is an ex-FBI field agent specializing in counterterrorism office. 

The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., USA
Exchange-out: Year 3

Global China Studies: Humanities and Social Science

A new undergraduate program launched by the School of Humanities and Social Science in 2011

The Global China Studies program is designed as an ELITE program, which aims to broaden students’ horizons and help them develop a unique portfolio of knowledge about China with a global outlook. This is achieved through multi- and inter-disciplinary training in humanities and social sciences, and through training in comparative and advanced research methods. Envisaged as a means to develop skills for future leadership, the program will train students in verbal and written communication, critical thinking, and analyzing social, cultural, historical, economic and political issues about China in relation to the modern world. The program will also help students enhance their understanding of their roles, rights, and obligations as citizens of Hong Kong and China and as members of the world community. The skills and capabilities learned from the major program will make our graduates suitable for positions in government, research institutions, business, education, community organizations, media and other cultural institutions.

Develop innovative vision and analytical skills toward China and the world in the Twenty-First Century.

The new framework