Useful Information

  1. Pre-Exchange

    For Undergraduate Students

    Regarding course enrollment and credit transfer, students are advised to follow the rules and recommendations by the SHSS and ARRO.

    For credit transfer, ARRO will provide a one-stop service to exchange students upon their request for course assessment. Student may make reference to the Credit Transfer Course Equivalence Database for information on the transfer credits approved in the past and submit Assessment Form (GR 22) for new courses. The assessment takes at least one month. Students are advised to submit the request to ARRO after selecting the courses in exchange university and to plan carefully for their study before departure.

    For Postgraduate Students

    Outgoing exchange Postgraduate must earn a grade of B or above in courses taken at the host institution in order to be eligible for credit transfer.

    Credit transfer requirements: The maximum number of credits for transfer would be 12 (3×4 courses) for exchange-out PhD students, and 6 (3×2 courses) for exchange-out MPhil students. Courses that any exchange-out Postgraduate planning to take would be subject to the preview of the home Divisions in order to ensure that their future requests of credit transfer would be accepted.

  2. Post-Exchange

    Credit Transfer

    Undergraduate students are required to apply AGAIN for credit transfer no later than one month after they return to study in HKUST. Students should submit the Application Form (GR 21) with official transcript from exchange university and course information to ARRO.

    Some exchange university may issue the transcript later than one month when students return to study in HKUST. ARRO will have special consideration for those application exceeding the deadline. However, students are advised to apply for credit transfer once they received the official transcript from exchange university.

    Exchange Report

    Undergraduate students and Postgraduate students are required to submit an Exchange Report, upload photo and complete online evaluation survey in Mystudyabroad system.

    Please refer to the guideline and sample:

    Special requirement of study abroad report for SHSS students:
    At least one A4 Page length (single-line spacing, Font size 12) for overall experience session in the report.

  3. Sponsorship and Scholarship

    Exchange scholarships, sponsorship and subsidies are available to UG students.

    SFAO will provide different kinds of scholarships to local and non-local undergraduate students, for details please refer to

    For sponsorship and subsidies, please refer to GSPO’s website: