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The School of Humanities and Social Science Summer Global Seminars Offers you

  • An opportunity to embrace a diversity of disciplines and global thematic emphases in a global-scale living academic community
  • An opportunity to incubate deep intellectual sharing on global issues and to build relationships with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • An exposure to develop a global frame of reference that will set you apart in the future.

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Summer Global Seminars ’17 Course information

Understanding China, 1700-2000: A Data-Analytic Approach

This course summarizes some of the new directions in Chinese history and social science produced by the creation and analysis of big historical datasets based on newly opened Chinese archival holdings, and organizes this knowledge in a framework that encourages learning about China in comparative perspective.

Instructor Prof. James Lee, Chair Professor, School of Humanities & Social Science, HKUST

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HKUST campus, Hong Kong
(For the class(s) with field trip, students may need to travel around Hong Kong)

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