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“Principles and Evidence in Second Language Teaching” by Professor Alessandro Benati (21 April)

Second language acquisition is a field of enquiry which has rapidly evolved over the last fifty years. Contemporary theories in second language acquisition have addressed different issues and have provided answers to key questions from a variety of perspectives. On one hand, the research has emphasized the complexity of acquisition processes and provided important insights, on the other hand, these insights have been linked to real world applications in language teaching. In this paper I will provide an explanation on how research and theory on language instruction over a number of options for language teachers and teaching.

Staffs and students are invited to attend Professor Benati’s lecture on principles and evidence in second language teaching. To reserve seat, please fill the registration form and return to us.

A poster with the abstract can be downloaded here.

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Professor Alessandro Benati
Head of School of Languages and Area Studies and Professor of Second Language Acquisition at the University of Portsmouth
April 21, 2017 (Friday)
Lecture Theatre H (LT-H), Academic Building, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology